The Relevant Bible

“The Relevant Bible”

How to Read the Bible in a Way that Matters –

Many modern Christians believe that they have to make impossible choices when they read the Bible. Either one follows the lead of fundamentalism and assumes that the Bible is a perfect and inerrant repository of facts given by God, or one ignores-or even rejects-the Bible as just a fallible product of ancient human communities, Jewish and Christian. Either divine or human. Either faith or reason. The problem is . . . God does not work that way. The central Christian confession is that Jesus was the full nature of God united to the full nature of humanity. Jesus, the Word of God, is not God or human, but God and human. Likewise, Christians are called to read the Bible, also the Word of God, not as divine or human, but divine and human. This year’s Mount Hermon retreat will focus on how to approach the Bible as both divine speech that calls for our prayerful listening through spiritual practices like lectio divina and, at the same time, the speech of ancient humans-often wise but always limited by mortal finitude-that calls for rigorous study of history, science, and culture, in order to understand the worlds of thought and language that are very different from our own.