Preschool Ministry

Sunday Mornings

Children are always welcome in the Sanctuary with their parents during worship. Our Family Room at the back of the Sanctuary is equipped with CCTV to watch the service, rocking chairs for nursing, a changing pad, and appropriate toys for toddlers. The Welcome Center also has CCTV to view the service, as does the CLC lobby.

We also offer Preschool Ministry through our Sunday morning worship experience for kids, The Garden, for kids 6 months and older during worship services.  Children are welcome as early as 15 minutes before the first service, and can be checked in at any time afterwards, as space allows.

Preschool Ministry Location

Preschool Ministry is located on the first floor of the Christian Life Center every Sunday morning.  For special services and events throughout the week, childcare will occasionally use other areas of the campus.

Special Events Childcare

When childcare is offered for special services and events, we ask that parents pre-register for childcare. You may pre-register as early as you wish, with at least one week notice so that we can arrange staffing. Depending on the event, childcare may be offered up to age 10 years. Parents may pre-register for special event childcare by emailing: with their child(ren)’s name(s) and age(s).

Illness Policy

Children who are ill should remain at home. For the protection of all, sick children will not be permitted in the classroom.

Diaper Changing Facilities

Full size changing tables are available in the Women’s bathrooms in the CLC building. A Changing Pad is available in the Family Room at the back of the Sanctuary. Folding Koala-Care Change Stations are installed in most men’s and women’s bathrooms throughout the campus.

Childcare Schedule


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