Family Formation at Home

Over the last nine months, our kids have shown incredible resiliency in the face of unprecedented times. As the disruptions of the pandemic continue, how do we as parents help our children to remain resilient? Developmentally, we know that rhythm helps to create resiliency – when a kid knows what to expect in one part of their life, it’s easier to cope when other parts of their life go haywire – but the regular parts of a kid’s life like sports, school, and visits with friends and family are the very things the pandemic has disrupted. So what do we do?

That’s why we created the Family Formation at Home Booklet. This resource is designed to help your family create regular rhythms at home on a monthlyweekly, and daily basis. These simple questions and activities will help to keep your child resilient in the weeks and months ahead.

Our current edition is for Epiphany 2021. You can click here to sign up to receive our current edition, or you can click here to download a PDF version of the Epiphany 2021 booklet.

PDFs of previous editions of the booklet can be found here: Fall 2020, Advent 2020.


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