COVID-19: Resources for Parents

In this uncertain time, the Children’s Ministry Team has been hard at work creating and locating resources not only directly for children, but also for parents as you minister to and with your kids. Below is a list of resources that will be updated regularly. To find out when resources are added, check the weekly Children’s Ministry email for more information or email Ryan at to be added to that email list.

LOPC-Created Resources

  • Parent Webinar: “Talking with Children about Death.” This webinar featured both psychologists and theologians talking about tools to help children cope with death, grief, and loss. Helpful points include how to help a child process grief, good theology for kids around death and loss, and how adult anxiety is often passed on to children.
    Dr. Jennifer McCollum, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Green Leaf Psychology (
    Sandra Concannon, Marriage & Family Therapist, Green Leaf Psychology (
    Rev. Jaime Polson, Pastor for Family Ministry & Executive Leadership, LOPC (
    Lori Robinson, Associate Director of Children’s Ministry, LOPC (
    Keris Dahlkamp, Director of Youth Ministry, LOPC (
    Moderator: Ryan Timpte, Director of Children’s Ministry, LOPC (
  • Supporting Children Spiritually in Stressful Times (updated 20 April 2020). This document, created by Associate Director Lori Robinson, covers a number of simple, useful tips for helping children who are going through stressful times.
  • Children’s Book Recommendations (updated 10 April 2020). Compiled by Associate Director Lori Robinson, these books help children in simple but profound ways talk about deep issues like death, grief, and the place of God in the midst of our world.

Outside Resources

  • Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. This comprehensive factsheet, tailor specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, details myriad ways caregivers can be helping children cope with the stress of the current moment.
  • Sesame Street: When Families Grieve. A video and written discussion guide on death and grieving for young children. Specifically for military families, but general enough that all kids can understand it. Uses familiar characters from Sesame Street as touchpoints for kids to feel comfortable talking about a difficult topic.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Talking with a Child about Death from Psychology Today. Great short article with concise, well-written points on the do’s and don’ts of talking with a child about death. Simple enough for a grieving parent to grasp quickly, complex enough to be a useful tool.
  • How to Talk to Kids about Death from the Child Development Institute. Much longer article that deals with death on a developmental level, paying attention to the fact that kids at different ages grieve differently. There’s a particularly good section on religion and how it can be both helpful and harmful: for instance, saying a loved one is “now with God” might be comforting for an adult, but for a kid, it may make them afraid that God will “take” them, too.
  • “Right Now I Am Fine” recommended from the Northern California Clinical/Behavioral Therapist Network. This free book (and accompanying coloring book) helps children know that “there are things that we can do to take good care of ourselves.”