CARE – Find Care and Support

Various seasons of life, Short term and long term, Shared experiences, Safe Places


Tuesday Morning Prayer Team

The prayer team meets every Tuesday and prays for the prayer requests submitted to the church.

Contact Gerald Chinen to join the prayer team.


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry provides confidential, one-on-one support and care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing transitions in their lives.

Contact Gerald Chinen for more information.


Grief Recovery

10-week workshops held in the Spring and Fall. Open to widows and widowers of all ages regardless of where they are in their grieving stages. If you have recently lost a spouse or if your spouse died years ago, you are welcome to join.

Contact Bev Fellows for more information.


Barnabas Visitations (in-home visitations)

Barnabas visitors are assigned a member of the church who may be unable to attend services or activities and will make a visit to their home about one per month.

Contact Gerald Chinen for more information.


Helping Hands (ready-made meal delivery)

When church families are facing a transition of some kind and could use ready-made food, we deliver these meals.

Contact Gerald Chinen for more information.


Alcoholics Anonymous

This group meetings every Wednesday at noon in the Chapel.

Email for more information.


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a reflective process in which a trained spiritual companion walks with you to help you pay attention to God’s work in your life and your most important questions. It is the art of discovering that everyday events are often the means by which God comes to meet us!

For more information contact Diane Grant.