Remember LOPC in Your Will or Trust

One aspect of life that is inevitable is change. As life changes, it is important to plan ahead by distributing your estates and other assets. One’s estate is a sacred trust. It has accumulated over the years through work, prudent management and God’s providence. When you give to the LOPC Foundation, you show your love for God, and help preserve LOPC’s Mission and Vision for future generations. Through the grace of God, we have been blessed with many past and present LOPC members with a philanthropic spirit to go above and beyond when giving.

The LOPC Foundation was formed to help people create more value from their assets and to thoughtfully consider and plan the distribution of family assets remaining when life is complete. The Foundation can be used by estates both large and small to further God’s work through LOPC and its outreach to those in need. Individuals can benefit from the knowledge that gifts made to the Foundation will continue to work year after year.

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Foundation FAQs

What is the LOPC Foundation?

How large is the Foundation?

What does the Foundation do with its funds?

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How are Foundation funds used by LOPC?

Who serves on the Foundation Board and how are the trustees chosen?

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When does the Foundation know what will be available for church use?

What is the process for applying for grants from the Foundation?

What is the Foundation doing with the large bequest that has recently come to the Foundation?

What is the reserve study?

How does the Foundation portfolio grow?

Who can give to the Foundation?

What kind of gift can I make to the Foundation?

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