The First Friday Forum provides engaging monthly speakers for the Lamorinda community on topics that are relevant, interesting, accessible, and informative about this ever-changing world.

The final program for 2021 is on Friday, June 4, when Irene Bloemraad, Professor of Sociology at UCB and founding Director of the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Immigration Initiative, will speak on “US Immigration Reform: Possible or Pipedream?” Click here to register for this Zoom webinar.

Is a comprehensive immigration policy attainable in the United States? Dr. Bloemraad says, “US immigration policy is a kaleidoscope of many parts, from border control to refugee resettlement, temporary visas to naturalization. I’ll talk about the broad framework of US immigration law and some of the fine points of recent controversy.” For more information about Dr. Bloemraad and her talk click here.

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