Large Group – Determination, May, Week 1

by Ryan Timpte

Categories: Children's Ministry

The week of May 3rd – During the month of May, we are focusing on the virtue of determination.
Find a time this week to gather as a family, read a Bible passage, respond as a family to what you have heard, and pray together.

May Virtue                   Determination: Deciding it’s worth it to finish what you started
What is a virtue?     A virtue is something that God does in us to change the world around us.

Bible Story                   Send Me on My Way (Jesus’ Final Orders to His Disciples/Ascension) • Matthew 28:16-20; Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:1-11
Bottom Line                 Keep going, even when it seems impossible.
Memory Verse             Let us not become tired of doing good. At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9 (NIrV)
Basic Truth                   I can trust God no matter what.


This month is all about determination, deciding it’s worth it to finish what you’ve started. Have you ever run a race? To get a medal you have to keep going, even when it seems like you can’t go one more step.

This is true in life too. Sometimes we’re tempted to quit when things get hard. But as followers of Jesus, we can count on him to help us when things get tough. Jesus is with us and can give us the strength we need even when all we want to do is quit. We can keep going even when it seems impossible – just like the first disciples did.

Jesus gave his followers what seemed like an impossible job. He told them to share his story and his love with EVERYONE in the entire world! The disciples had no idea where to start, but Jesus promised he would send a gift to help them.  And the disciples trusted that God would give them exactly what they needed to begin their impossible mission.

Here’s the really cool part. Jesus has given US the same mission that he gave the disciples. He wants us to share God’s love with everyone too. We’re continuing the work that the disciples began. And we know that God will help us keep going even when it seems impossible.


  • Can you think of a time you thought, “I can never do that,” and then ended up doing it?
  • What helps you keep on going when what you’re doing seems impossible?
  • Who helps you keep on going when something is really hard?
  • How can you help others keep on going when they are facing something that’s hard for them?


Here are three real life stories of determination. Read the determination stories below and then unscramble the letters to reveal the name of the person who kept going.

Rejected by 29 medical schools before being accepted by mistake to Hobart College, she became the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States in 1849. She opened a medical practice, served poor families, and established the first medical college for women. Who was she?

_____________________________    _____________________________

             L I B E T E Z A H                               B A L W L L C K E

Can you name this famous inventor? Considered unteachable at a young age, this inventor continued to try and try again. While many would say he had failed, he would say that he simply found over 1,000 ways not to create a light bulb. Who was he?

______________________________    _____________________________

H T M O S A                                           N E I S D O

 This story of determination is about a man who kept going even when he faced SO many setbacks. Can you figure out who it is? He lost his beloved mother, his business failed, he ran for state legislature and lost, he got fired from his job, he couldn’t get into law school, he borrowed money from friends to start another business but that failed too. Despite many unsuccessful runs into politics, he was elected president in 1860. Who was he?

 _______________________________    ____________________________

                H A A A B M R                                         I O L N L N C



Dear God:

Thank you for being with us so we can do things that seem impossible. When we feel stuck or when we feel like giving up, please remind us of the disciples and how you gave them the courage to take on their impossible mission. Thank you for always being with us and for being a God [Basic Truth] we can trust no matter what. We love you, God, and we want to love you more.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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