Salinas, here we come!

The High School mission trip this year is to Salinas, CA, a two hour drive from LOPC. Around 4 pm this evening, parents dropped the kids off at Church where they were checked in, making sure they didn't have their cell phones on them to be very intentional about their time on the trip. Once all of us were checked in, we gathered in a circle for instructions and group prayer. Keris ended... READ MORE »

Los Angeles Trip – Thursday

Today was our final day of service in Los Angeles. We are all a little sad that our wonderful experience here is coming to an end. Group 1 participated in City Search in the morning, taking on the roles of a recent immigrant family and an ex-convict. They were given $4 per person for lunch to experience what it would be like to live on limited funds. It was tricky to find a place to eat under... READ MORE »

Los Angeles Mission Trip – Wednesday

    Group 1 went to the Los Angeles Mission in the morning where they started out by scrubbing the shower stalls and restrooms, prepping for lunch and creating posters for July 4th celebrations. After watching a short video about the mission, they had lunch with the guests there and cleaned up after. LA Mission is a faith based organization that meets the needs of their guests... READ MORE »

Los Angeles Trip – Tuesday

We’ve been having so much fun on this trip and have also learned so much!! Mission trips take us out of our comfort zones and this one is no different. While we do tend to get tired, we also get energized by simply serving others.   Group 1 started the day by going to a Mexican Bakery and purchasing pastries - two per participant. Then they went to MacArthur Park where they split... READ MORE »

Los Angeles Trip – Monday

Group 1 visited Faith in Christ Ministries, an organization that serves the community by providing hot breakfast, boxes of groceries, donated clothing, children's activities, and family events. The youth unloaded two vans full of food donations from Amtrak then sorted and portioned the food for distribution. They also made fliers for an upcoming children's program, shredded old documents, and did... READ MORE »