Your Currency of Relationship – 1/26

We just had a marvelous leadership retreat at LOPC with Eric Law, who directs the fine work of the Kaleidoscope Institute in Los Angeles. One of the things that Eric invited us to think about are the various “currencies” of exchange that are in use in the church, and one of them is relationship. It is interesting to think about how we budget, manage and shepherd our resources to develop... READ MORE »

Beautiful – 12/13

This past weekend I was able to enjoy one of the Christmas concerts, Gloria!, by our LOPC Festival Choir under the direction of Brett Strader. It was, in a word, beautiful. Beyond the powerful ethos of the season, the music itself was wondrous. I was impressed, in the moment and after, how this experience lifted and encouraged my spirit. It was elevating. I was reminded of some words offered... READ MORE »

Ground Rules – 11/21

The seemingly elevated rancor and discord in our nation these days got me thinking about how we can do better. In a recent conversation with some folk in the church, I mentioned that our staff developed some ground rules years ago to help frame a basic understanding of how we want to communicate, even with difficult issues and concerns over which we might disagree. Here’s what we came up... READ MORE »

Love is the Best Response – 11/6

In a recent Times Op-Ed piece entitled “How to Engage a Fanatic,” David Brooks examines the very timely question of how we can constructively interact with people whose ideals and convictions are often expressed in an uncivil manner. Quoting Stephen Carter, he equally comes to the conclusion that “the only way to confront fanaticism is with love.” How strange that sounds in a world... READ MORE »

Making Disciples – 10/23

Some years ago, the famous consultant Peter Drucker observed that most non-profit organizations can’t answer two basic questions: “What business are we in?” and “How’s business?” Having been generated, in most cases, from a strong vision at inception, there is natural drift over time into a range of activities that may not cohere around a clear vision and identity. The church is... READ MORE »