Sexism and Semantics

We’d like to share with our LOPC community a thoughtful piece written by Sara Cratsenburg, a member of our church. Her parents and sister are also members and have been involved with our ministries for many years.  In this article Sara, who is an active U.S. Army Officer (Captain), shares her perspective on sexism and semantics particularly as it relates to the military community. We... READ MORE »


On the 10th of May, Israeli assaults against the Gaza Strip induced a catastrophic humanitarian situation in the lives of the people living in Gaza including long-time LOPC partner Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children.   Thousands of Palestinians have had to leave their homes in Gaza due to the ongoing air strikes including the children and families of Atfaluna.  Below is a Rapid Assessment... READ MORE »

Children of Faith

Due to the dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases across India, the government has once again ordered the children of LOPC mission partner, Children of Faith Missions to return to their relatives.   Many families have lost whatever work they had and with food prices soaring are struggling to put food on the table.  As a result, COF has stepped up to feed and care for their families by sending... READ MORE »

Show your love through prayer!

A second wave of Covid is spreading throughout India and cases are rising dramatically. Long time LOPC partner Children of Faith Missions located in Visakhapatnam was recently ordered by the government to send children home to their relatives while children in ninth grade and above remain in the home for now.  Many of you know Rosie and Anand and have even traveled to visit COF.  Please keep... READ MORE »