Lent (March 1 – April 15) can be hard to explain to young children. For one thing, Lent doesn’t have the sense of happy anticipation that Christmas does. And the story we focus on during Lent can be hard to talk about with children. The story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the central story of our Christian faith. What Jesus said and did shows us the way to closer... READ MORE »


When we meet someone for the first time, we instinctively want information about them. Names are fine, but we often want to know more - like age, race, gender, occupation or where they come from. The more we know about someone, the easier it is to either relate to them or to distance ourselves from them.  We all do this – we all collect information about other people in order to figure out... READ MORE »

What Makes You Different: Ashley and Lasondra

Over the summer, I got together with my friends Ashley, who is also Director of Communications for LOPC, and Lasondra, who is also one of our Seedlings teachers, to talk about things that make us the same and things that make us different. We're learning this month that Knowledge can help us build a better world together by knowing how we're the same and how we're different. What Ashley and... READ MORE »

A Christmas To Remember

We want to have a Christmas to remember with our families. But that can be a challenging task.  We know the real reason for the four weeks leading up to Christmas is to set aside intentional time to prepare for the coming of the Christ... READ MORE »

Entertaining Questions

Lilah pulled me aside after service and said, “Can we talk? I have some questions that I think are keeping me from becoming a Christian.” She looked earnestly at me as I blinked. Aren’t you already a Christian? I thought to myself. Lilah, as one my Children's Ministry volunteers, taught Large Group and served as a 1st grade Small Group Leader. I had seen this young teenager blossom over the... READ MORE »