Los Angeles Trip – Thursday

Today was our final day of service in Los Angeles. We are all a little sad that our wonderful experience here is coming to an end. Group 1 participated in City Search in the morning, taking on the roles of a recent immigrant family and an ex-convict. They were given $4 per person for lunch to experience what it would be like to live on limited funds. It was tricky to find a place to eat under... READ MORE »

Los Angeles Trip – Monday

Group 1 visited Faith in Christ Ministries, an organization that serves the community by providing hot breakfast, boxes of groceries, donated clothing, children's activities, and family events. The youth unloaded two vans full of food donations from Amtrak then sorted and portioned the food for distribution. They also made fliers for an upcoming children's program, shredded old documents, and did... READ MORE »

Los Angeles Mission Trip – Sunday

We made it! Our road trip from Lafayette to Los Angeles was a fun one filled with lots of games, friendship bracelets, singing, & laughter. We stopped halfway at Kettleman City for lunch and to stretch our legs. In-N-Out Burger was a huge hit! When we arrived at our host church and new home for the week, we set up our bunk beds and had a quick orientation to set our expectations for the... READ MORE »

Service Squad 2019 – Friday

For our final day of Service Squad, we split into smaller groups to visit senior members of our church community in their homes. We spent some time socializing with our senior hosts, hearing about their lives and families. We also brought homemade baked goods to share and completed home projects for our hosts. We wrapped up the week with a closing program in partnership with Vacation Bible... READ MORE »

Service Squad 2019 – Thursday

Today we were reminded that God has appointed us as caretakers for the earth. The Red & Blue Squads explored the Carr Ranch Watershed with guides from John Muir Trust. We discovered how the local plants and animals are interconnected in the ecosystem then discussed how we, as humans in community with one another, also benefit from and contribute to our environment. The Green Squad wrapped... READ MORE »