Who We Are

Our mission is to be Alive! In Christ … In the World

Our vision is an open and inclusive family of faith, loving God and one another, discovering our gifts and answering God’s call to be Christ’s faithful disciples in the world. We will…

  • Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Provide a hospitable welcome for all ages
  • Nurture disciples in growth and transformation
  • Live as faithful stewards of God’s creation
  • Support and encourage one another in love
  • Worship God with passion and intellect
  • Equip people for gift-based, team-led ministries
  • Serve those in need with our gifts and resources
  • Send people of all ages to serve God in the world

We look to Christ to achieve this vision and affirm our core values:

Love, Inclusiveness, Grace, Justice, Transformation, Generosity, Prayer, Excellence, Outreach