Kurth Memorial Garden

The Kurth Memorial Garden is a place for remembering. It is also a place to find comfort and inspiration, to remember the people we have loved. It is a hallowed place of peace and tranquility, a quiet place for meditation and prayer. Here, in the beauty of the hillside and the strength of our church behind us, we gaze upon the distant hills and find peace and our own sense of perspective. In this spirit, Kurth Memorial Garden was conceived and built. The Kurth Memorial Garden is available to LOPC members and their immediate families.

Steps to select and purchase a niche/plaque space:

  1. Contact a volunteer:
    Kristi Haigh, (925) 254-6023
    Judy Kronmiller, (925) 284-4525
    Lynn Trowbridge, (925) 254-3722
  2. Discuss Options
  3. Meet at LOPC to select location, fill out paperwork, including contact information for heirs, and pay for niche/plaque.
  4. Receive folder with paperwork