God's Embrace

Baptism is a way we remember that God reaches out to embrace us in love and make us part of God’s Household.  When we baptize an infant or young child it reminds us that God embraces us even before we can respond.  When we baptize a youth or adult it portrays our human response to God’s initiative.  Baptism for all ages is entry into a covenant community we call the church and is one of the sacraments shared in public worship.

Infants and children are baptized on the faith, commitment and church membership of their parents. Children are raised in the church so that they may make their own confession of faith and join the church as a youth. Children are part of the covenant community, the church family and are expected to participate in age appropriate classes and activities in the church to learn about God’s love and being followers of Jesus.

Adults and youth are baptized on their own statement of faith. They become full participants of the church family and continue to grow in their understanding of God and what it means to follow Jesus in all of life.

To arrange for baptism, LOPC membership for a family member is necessary. Meeting with a pastor prior to the ceremony is also necessary.

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