LOPC is a Christian community of faith, linked to other churches through the confession that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. As the Scriptures teach us, he is Lord, (we commit ourselves to following him) and he is Savior (we confess that through his death and resurrection there is freedom from the power of sin and death).

We believe that the church in the world is essentially one, even though it is divided according to many traditions and interpretations of Scripture. We are not the only church, but rather one of many expressions of it. Members and friends of LOPC use the words ‘positive’, ‘serving’, ‘organized’, ‘accepting’, ‘caring’, ‘large’ and ‘Christ-centered’ to describe our congregation. LOPC is a Christ-centered, gracefully inclusive, intellectually stimulating, inter-generational, diverse, active, service oriented, and genuinely friendly congregation!

Nearly 80% of our congregation hails from the Lamorinda area (Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga), but people come from as far as Martinez, Alameda and Danville. We serve many in our broader community and membership is not a prerequisite to participating in any of our programs or worship. Many of our members and friends come from a faith tradition other than Presbyterian, or from none at all. Our community values education, lifelong learning, and connections that are characterized by love and acceptance.

We are a part of the Presbyterian Church of USA and the Presbytery of San Francisco

We are Presbyterian, one of the many denominations that grew out of the Protestant Reformation. Presbyterians are so named because of our polity – we are governed by a group of elders elected by the congregation rather than a priest or bishop. Our theological identity comes from the Reformed tradition, which proceeds from the teachings of one of the great Protestant reformers, John Calvin. Reformed churches place a high value on God’s grace, worshiping God with reverence, serving others in the name of Christ, relying on the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and taking seriously the call to grow in both faith and understanding. We honor our rich traditions and remain open to new ideas and the leading of the Holy Spirit.