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One of the cornerstones of our Presbyterian heritage is the annual election by the congregation of church officers to provide leadership for the church. It is a privilege and responsibility to nominate members to serve as elected lay leaders. It is also necessary for us to participate in the essential process that will influence our church in the near future.

The primary qualifications for nominees are:

Elders, together with the pastors, lead and direct the ministry of the church. They are persons of faith, dedication, and good judgment. Elders serve on session, the governing body of the church. They also chair various church teams through which all ministries are conducted. Eight elders are ordained annually to serve three-year terms. The following teams will need an elder assigned in 2023: Care, Finance, Mission, Operations, Personnel, Senior Adults, Spiritual Formation, and Worship.

Deacons, as set forth in Scripture, are leaders who serve as the caring, compassionate arm of the church. They provide loving support to all those in need within the church community. The primary area of Deacon service is care of members. Ten deacons are ordained annually to serve a three-year term and two deacons of high-school age to serve a one-year term. 

Foundation Trustees serve on the LOPC Foundation. This nine-member foundation receives gifts in various forms and designations, manages investments, and provides funding for LOPC needs that cannot be accommodated in the church’s annual operating budget. Trustees serve an initial term of four years and are eligible to be re-elected for one three-year term. Members who have served in the past can be nominated for a two-year term.

The Congregation Nominating Committee (CNC) members are elected for a one-year term. Their duties include receiving and reviewing nominations for church officers and selecting candidates to present to the congregation.

For more information, contact a CNC member: Jeff Patton (Chair), Jeanette Shearer (Clerk of Session), Steve Crocker, Heidi Johnson, Marsha McDonagh, Linda Rosenthal, Andrea Hilsabeck (Deacon Representative), Peter Whitelock, and Gerald Chinen. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. We are looking forward to hearing from each of you.