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Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church - Alive! In Christ ... in the world.

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Labyrinth Walk

Let go of the details of life, quiet your mind and open your heart to God.  As you walk, listen to Classical and New Age music for relaxation, healing and meditation. 

"I find the Holy Spirit while walking the Labyrinth.  All I need to do is to listen. The Holy Spirit is in the vibration of the wind, the leaves, the sound of birds and in my footsteps; I know that on my journey I am not alone."

 Suggested Labyrinth Walks & Etiquette

At the entrance to the path, pause for a moment and ask God, the Holy Spirit, to be your guide and offer this time to God to be at work in you.

Many people can be walking the labyrinth at the same time, but as a courtesy, let a little space develop between youself and others.

Shoes or no shoes - it doesn't matter.

If the person ahead of you stops on the path, you may walk around them or not, as you choose.  How you respond to interruptions and others on the path may become an illuminating aspect of your walk.

Most of all, enjoy this time of quiet and peace.  Don't worry about  "doing it right."

Remembering ...
At the entry to the labyrinth ask God to help you remember, to support and guide you as you remember…say the name of the person you desire to remember.

Simply walk the path allowing yourself to be present to whatever memories arise.  Be aware of the emotion or images or physical sensations that accompany the memories.  Try not to censor what emerges but offer it all back to God.

When you reach the center of the Labyrinth,  offer a prayer to God.  You might want to thank God for this person's life, thank God for the memories that you carry, ask God to heal the hole that has been made in your life by this person’s death, ask God to hold with you the grief you carry, or simply pray as you feel led or need.

From the center of the Labyrinth you may walk out following the path, trying to be present to whatever God might want you to offer you or deepen in you. You’re invited to do whatever feels needful to you.

A Reflective Walk
If you have a question, an issue, a concern, or a desire to give thanks - bring that to the walk. As you enter, state what you bring as clearly as you can to God. Walk slowly or quickly saying whatever it is you need to say to make space in you for a response to emerge. Think of it as pouring out your full glass so there is room for a new insight or direction. Walk the path out slowly, trying simply to listen to what comes to your attention from the small still voice inside and from beyond.

A Prayer Walk
Adding the kinetic to prayer is very powerful. Simply pray as you walk the path into the center of the labyrinth.  Consider the walking itself a prayer so that you need not be offering something specific to God the whole time. It is interesting to simply walk slowly, see what comes up and let that become your prayer. When you reach the center, pause again. You may have more to say to God as you walk out and that is fine. You have set this time aside and you know best how to use it. Then, walk and notice anything that seems to come to you from beyond yourself - a thought, an image, a feeling, a memory - and wonder with God what that is and how it is connected to your prayer and life.

A Meditation Walk
Choose a scripture passage and bring it with you to your walk. Read it slowly with pauses between readings, even between phrases or words as you walk. Listen for what catches your attention and notice what emerges in thinking and feelings about the passage. When you get to the center of the labyrinth, pause and read the scripture through one more time.  Just be open to whatever comes up as you consider this scripture in your life.

There is a second site below the sanctuary that offers a natural spirit path in addtion to the plaza labyrinth.