Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church - Alive! In Christ ... in the world.
Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church - Alive! In Christ ... in the world.

Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Growth Classes
Study Groups
Interfaith Dialogue
Taize Worship

Classes for Spiritual Growth

Bible Discussion & Study
These Studies are 6-8 weeks in length and are scheduled several times during the year. The discussions are  coordinated with the Sunday sermon to provide deeper understanding of the Biblical text. The Studies are led by trained facilitators from the congregation using a study guide written by an LOPC pastor. Sign-ups are encouraged.

Doorways of Faith
Doorways of Faith is the Sunday morning adult study program. It is scheduled at various times during the year. The classes are often presented by guest pastors and theologians and cover a wide range of topics. No commitment or registration is required. Drop-ins are welcome.

Companions for the Journey
This is a unique opportunity to be in community with fellow seekers using reflection on scripture and life, spoken word and silence to search for God's presence and guidance in ordinary life.  The Companions gather once a month with Pastor Judy Durff. ..MORE

Weavers ~ Weaving Faith into Everyday Life
Spiritual practices are ways that help us enter into our relationship with God. These practices are similar across all faiths. As Christians, these practices equip us to live our faith and pay attention to God as we know him in the person of Jesus. Weavers learn about and engage in spiritual practices through reading assignments, home exercises and in-class group work and discussion.

Science & Religion Study
Participants are working to clarify their Christian faith and the bridge between science and religion. Recent topics have included genetics and the origin of the cosmos. This class meets the third Monday of every Monday. Drop-ins are welcome.

Church Membership
This is a weekend class for individuals interested in learning about the Presbyterian faith and joining Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church. Classes are offered quarterly. ...more