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Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church - Alive! In Christ ... in the world.

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Children's Choirs

Music is an essential element in the spiritual formation of children. The choirs at Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church provide spiritual formation and nurturing through integrated instruction of choral technique and worship leadership in the Christian tradition.

Participation in LOPC choirs is free and open to the community. We ask that you make a steadfast and reliable commitment to attend rehearsals throughout the program year. We let our lights shine by doing our best work to the glory of God, which requires a faithful presence in the rehearsal room each week.

Choir for children ages 3 - 5 years in Pre-Kindergarten
An introduction to choir  which teaches children to use their vocal instrument, experience rhythm and creatively express themselves in song. Sunbeams is designed for children who are ready to independently participate in group activities without the assistance of an adult. Sunbeams sings in Sunday morning worship and on Christmas Eve.


Choir for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
A beginning-level choir for teaching the fundamentals of making music as a team and worship leadership skills. Children learn classic choral singing techniques while preparing anthems to sing in Sunday morning worship and on Christmas Eve. Emphasis is on pitch, rhythm, voice placement, choral vowels and interpreting text to effectively communicate through song. Singers must make a reliable commitment to weekly rehearsals throughout the program.


Choir for 3rd - 6th Grade
An intermediate-level choir which teaches vocal technique and the foundations of part singing. Choristers practice proper use of their vocal instruments while preparing anthems to sing in Sunday morning worship and on Christmas Eve. Singers must make a reliable commitment to weekly rehearsals throughout the program.

Children’s Choirs Recruiting Volunteers
We have several volunteer opportunities to help juggle the needs of this continually growing program. Jobs range from helping to set up the classrooms each week, managing choir robes, greeting children as they arrive, being an extra set of hands for the directors during rehearsal, answering parent questions and providing snacks. Opportunities are available on Friday mornings and Sunday mornings. You do not need to be particularly musical to help.

The Importance of Rehearsal
“Any act can be a prayer, if done as well as we are able.”- George R.R. Martin

The Choirs for Children and Youth at Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church strive to nurture confident worship leaders through music education and spiritual formation. During weekly rehearsals, choristers are not only learning to use their vocal instruments and preparing pieces for worship. They are learning teamwork to create a meaningful musical experience for themselves and the congregation.

Just like every player on a sports team is crucial for the strength of the entire team, every member of a choir is vital to the success of the group as a whole. The children learn to trust in, and rely upon, one another to make music. The power of the choral experiences comes from the sum of each unique voice being lifted together in song.  It is the magic of the music-making process that can only happen in rehearsal together.

When a child is absent from rehearsal, it resonates throughout the choir team. Although some absences are unavoidable, children who frequently miss rehearsal affect not only their own choir experience, but the potential of the team.  A child may be asked to sit out a performance if they have missed a substantial number of rehearsals on a particular piece of music. In this case, the best support that child can give the choir team is to sit in the congregation with an encouraging smile and enthusiastically rejoin the group at the next rehearsal.

2015-2016 Schedule

October 16 - Friday Sunbeams rehearsals begin
October 18 - Sunday choirs rehearsals begin

November 15 - Choirs sing in worship

December 24 - Choirs sing in Christmas Eve services